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A momentary moan regarding the latest and retro gadgets.

Big Clive Dot Com

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Literally the insides of Chinese electronics.
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Technology, Gadget & gear news and reviews.

Tips & Tricks For Finding Parts For Your Classic GM Vehicle

20 April 2024 @ 1:15 pm

Searching for parts to complete your restoration project can be a headache. Here are some tips and tricks for finding parts for your classic GM vehicle.

5 Electric Planes That Will Take You To The Skies Soon

20 April 2024 @ 12:45 pm

As aviation is responsible for significant CO2 emissions, the industry is striving to clean up its act. Here we look to the future with five electric planes.

GM's LS2 Vs. LS3 Engine: What's The Difference Between Them?

20 April 2024 @ 12:15 pm

GM's small block LS2 and LS3 V8 engines are similar, but not the same. What are the biggest differences between these two beastly powerplants?

2025 Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E PERFORMANCE Pairs V8 Engine And Electric For Record Speed

20 April 2024 @ 12:00 pm

The 2025 Mercedes AMG GT 63 S E Performance is coming and it's pairing an electric motor along with a massive V8 engine, so yeah, there's some power there.

6 Cool Projects You Can Do With A Raspberry Pi And Camera

20 April 2024 @ 11:45 am

Raspberry Pis can do a lot more than play retro video games, and if you have a camera handy, then there are a lot of fun DIY projects you can try.

8 Harbor Freight Finds You'd Want To Have If You're Going To Live Off-Grid

20 April 2024 @ 11:30 am

If you are looking to spend some time off the grid, you need to have all the essentials covered. Here are some great items from Harbor Freight to consider.

Whatever Happened To Chalmers Motor Company?

20 April 2024 @ 11:15 am

The Chalmers Motor Company has faded from the memory of most, but it remains an important piece of American automotive history to this day.

How To Check Your Apple Pencil's Battery Percentage

20 April 2024 @ 10:45 am

Whether you have a magnetic second-generation Apple Pencil or the USB-C alternative, there are a few different ways to check its battery percentage on iPad.

Do Manual Transmissions Cost Less To Maintain Than Automatic?

20 April 2024 @ 10:15 am

While it was once commonly held that manuals were cheaper than automatics, more recently, things have shifted.

Is The Curtiss Goupil Duck The Ugliest Aircraft In History?

20 April 2024 @ 9:15 am

The fame (or infamy) of being the ugliest aircraft in history might be owned by the Curtiss Goupil Duck, but it is surely in good company.

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UK Glow in the Dark Flashing Novelties from Glow Sticks, Glow Gadgets, Lava Lamps, Torches, Candles and Home Lighting.

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odd look at news on the web

Suddenly micro-factories are real ... with prices starting at $300,000

20 April 2024 @ 7:57 am

AUAR's end-to-end tech stack basically means you can have a fully-functional microfactory. The first 40 microfactory roll-out is just beginning but when it's all rolling, the intention is to be able to set up such a microfactory and have it functioning inside a week! AUAR's growth rate is planned at about 50% YoY until 2027.Construction is the world’s largest industry, employing seven percent of the planet's working-age adults, contributing 13 percent of the world’s GDP and completing floor space equivalent to the city of Paris every seven days.Continue ReadingCategory:

YouTube inventor makes explosive pool cue, then plays his friend

20 April 2024 @ 6:00 am

The game's a bit different when you're playing with an explosive cueTaking his "cue" from an old Tom and Jerry cartoon, YouTube content creator Alex Apollonov from the 'I Did A Thing' channel has created an explosive billiards stick. Then he played his friend in a game. What could go wrong?Continue ReadingCategory: LifestyleTags: Inventors, YouTube,

Danish green-roof beach house boasts sustainable sophistication

19 April 2024 @ 7:31 pm

Heatherhill Beach House offers residents a tranquil sanctuary amidst Denmark's breathtaking landscapeNestled amid the picturesque hills of Jutland, Denmark, the Heatherhill Beach House stands as a testament to the seamless integration of traditional Danish aesthetics with contemporary design elements. Conceived by Norm Architects, this holiday home boasts a green roof and calming central interior design concept, offering a serene coastal retreat.Continue ReadingCategory: Architecture,

Solar-cell-packin' drone uses sunlight for on-the-spot recharging

19 April 2024 @ 7:19 pm

Outdoor tests have shown that the presence of the solar array doesn't adversely affect the drone's flight characteristicsMultirotor drones may one day be able recharge their batteries while out and about, instead of having to return to a charging station. They could do so via onboard ultra-thin solar cells, which have already been successfully tested on a small quadcopter.Continue ReadingCategory: Drones, TechnologyTags:

Microsoft AI creates scary real talkie videos from a single photo

19 April 2024 @ 6:10 pm

The VASA-1 AI model can generate realistic talking head video footage from a single reference photo, which is lip-synced to an audio trackMicrosoft Research Asia has revealed an AI model that can generate frighteningly realistic deepfake videos from a single still image and an audio track. How will we be able to trust what we see and hear online from here on in?Continue ReadingCategory: TechnologyTags: Microsoft,

Color e-note tablet makes portable productivity easy on the eyes

19 April 2024 @ 2:37 pm

The PocketBook Eo is usable in direct sunlight and features a color E Ink touch display with included pen stylusFollowing the launch of its first e-note last year, PocketBook has now added a color E Ink model. The 10.3-inch Eo is built around Kaleido 3 technology, and sports a built-in camera, octa-core processing and dual speakers.Continue ReadingCategory: Mobile Technology, TechnologyTags: E-Ink,

Sony World Photography Awards showcases beauty of the natural world

19 April 2024 @ 2:04 pm

Highest Mountain in the South of Vietnam, by Tran Tuan Viet, captures the stunning Ba Den Mountain. At its summit stands a huge Bodhisattva statueThe overall winners of the 2024 Sony World Photography Awards have been revealed. This year's selection of images showcases a sublime mixture of unspoiled landscapes, amazing animals, and extraordinary people going about their lives.Continue ReadingCategory: Photography, TechnologyTags:

Ghost Shark: The huge stealth advantage of autonomous submarines

19 April 2024 @ 8:07 am

Artist's concept of Ghost SharkAustralia's robotic submarine program is a year ahead of schedule as the government takes delivery of the first Ghost Shark Extra-Large Autonomous Undersea Vehicle (XL-AUV) prototype, with three more to follow next year.Continue ReadingCategory: Military, TechnologyTags: Submarine, Royal Aust

AI now surpasses humans in almost all performance benchmarks

19 April 2024 @ 7:02 am

A comprehensive report has detailed the global impact of AIStanford University’s Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI) has released the seventh annual issue of its comprehensive AI Index report, written by an interdisciplinary team of academic and industrial experts.Continue ReadingCategory: TechnologyTags: Artificial Intelligence, LLM (Lar

Outside's rejiggered camper van blows open van life dreams

19 April 2024 @ 4:33 am

Outside Van channels more than 15 years of camper van customization into the new Syncline, a camper van made to drive off the RV dealership lotFounded in 2007, when "van life" wasn't even a term, let alone an acceptable lifestyle choice, Portland's Outside Van has thoroughly sharpened its skills building personalized mobile dwellings for everyone from forward-looking weight watchers to bike-pedaling gamers. Now it feels the time right to take what it's learned over those hundreds of builds and channel it into a more over-the-counter-style camper van series available at dealerships around the US. It turns the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 144 AWD into the Syncline, a rugged adventure machine with charmingly r

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