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Real firearms information for citizens.

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Benchmark and compare PC hardware.

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Great resource for finding the perfect build for your PC.

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PC hardware reviews, news & recommendations.

Intel CPU Shortage to Worsen in 2H2019

13 March 2019 @ 12:30 am

According to a recent report by Digitimes, Intel’s CPU supply shortage will continue to worsen through the 2H2019 as demand for entry level and mainstream notebooks such as Chromebooks and Core i3-based notebooks continue to increase without the proper increase in supply to sustain the growth. Supply shortages in 3Q2018 began impacting major notebook vendors […]

The Best CPUs of 2019

19 February 2019 @ 1:18 am

The CPU, or Central Processing Unit, along with the motherboard is generally considered the most important core component of any PC. The reason for this is that the combination of the CPU and the motherboard determines what other components can be used with the system. As a result, this makes the decision of which CPU […]

AMD Announces Radeon VII Packing Vega II, 16GB HBM, $699 Pricepoint

13 January 2019 @ 7:30 am

At CES 2019, AMD CEO Dr. Lisa SU spoke on several products at their keynote and while many users were disappointed that AMD did not announce a rumored $250 GPU that would give GTX 1080 class performance, AMD did surprise the world by announcing the world’s first 7nm GPU for the consumer market. Rather than […]

Nvidia Announces Support for Adaptive Sync (FreeSync) Displays on GeForce Graphics Cards, What It Means For AMD

13 January 2019 @ 7:14 am

In a stunning move from Nvidia earlier this week, the GPU company announced that they would finally begin supporting adaptive sync functionality on AMD FreeSync monitors. Previously, Nvidia graphics cards were only compatible with their proprietary G-Sync system, which is technically a slightly better implementation of adaptive sync monitor technology when compared to FreeSync however, […]

Nvidia Unveils its RTX 2060 Priced at $349 Packing 6GB of GDDR6 at CES 2019

11 January 2019 @ 2:48 am

With the launch of Nvidia’s 20-series GPUs seemingly an eternity ago, Nvidia has finally announced a January 15th release date for their Geforce RTX 2060. The new graphics card uses the same GPU core as the GTX 2070, the TU106, though is cut down featuring 1920 CUDA cores, 240 tensor cores, 30 RT cores, 120 […]

Microsoft Adds Update Pausing Feature on Windows 10 Home

8 January 2019 @ 5:16 am

Generally speaking, always being up to date on the latest Windows patches is a pretty good thing. Updating your system will not only fix bugs and add new features, it also includes security patches that prevent hackers from having their way with your system. While there are plenty of benefits to having the latest updates, […]

ASUS Announces Massive ROG Mothership GZ700 Gaming Laptop

8 January 2019 @ 4:00 am

CES 2019 is chock-full of weird hardware, but the ASUS ROG Mothership GZ700 is definitely takes the cake as one of the craziest gaming laptops available. Name ROG Mothership GZ700 Processor Intel® Core™ i9-8950HK Operating system Windows 10 Home Windows 10 Pro (ASUS recommends Windows 10 Pro) Display 17.3” FHD (1920×1080) IPS-level panel, 144Hz, 3ms, […]

Razer Blade 15 Now Packing Nvidia GeForce RTX Graphics

8 January 2019 @ 3:53 am

Following Nvidia’s announcement of the new mobile GeForce RTX 20-series GPUs, Razer wasted no time announcing updates to their Blade 15 gaming laptop. Starting at $1,599, the Razer Blade 15 packs either an 15-inch Full HD (1920×1080) 144Hz display or a 4K (3840×2160) touch display with full 100% Adobe RGB color support. The laptop also […]

T-Mobile OnePlus 6T Receives New Software Update (Build: A6013_34_181228)

6 January 2019 @ 11:14 am

If you’re a T-Mobile OnePlus 6T owner, good news! T-Mobile has recently released a new software update, Android 9.0 Build Number: A6013_34_181228. According to the software version details, the new update “Enables support for additional domestic roaming partners”. In order to update, simply swipe up from the Home screen and tap Settings. From there, scroll […]

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Unmanned aircraft and drone news

Zipline makes 1,000,000 commercial autonomous drone deliveries

19 April 2024 @ 3:16 pm

Zipline, the world’s largest autonomous delivery system, today became the first company in history to

Marble – UAV Design and Operations Engineer

19 April 2024 @ 3:00 pm

Marble develops cutting-edge UAV systems to gather real-time data about maritime environments with unprecedented speed

BRAVE1 on the Offensive: Seeking Solutions to Counter FPV & Commercial Drones

19 April 2024 @ 2:40 pm

BRAVE1 announces the search for solutions to counter FPV and commercial drones Commercial and FPV drones

Evolve Dynamics, Doodle Labs partner to deliver ultimate anti-jamming resilience in new SKY MANTIS 2 UAV

19 April 2024 @ 8:01 am

Innovative British UAS manufacturer Evolve Dynamics and leading mesh networking technology provider Doodle Labs today

RapidFlight Delivers UAS Innovation, Meeting Replicator Initiative Requirements

19 April 2024 @ 4:16 am

RapidFlight, a pioneering integrated designer and mass manufacturer of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), is working

BRINC – Awareness on Demand

18 April 2024 @ 8:12 pm

BRINC is building a new drone ecosystem purpose-built for public safety operations. Fill out the

Freefly Systems integrates Doodle Labs radios into new NDAA-compliant Astro UAS

18 April 2024 @ 8:00 pm

Freefly Systems Inc., an American corporation that designs and manufactures the world’s toughest drones, today

Red Cat Announces Agreement with Sentien Robotics UAS Hive for Land, Air and Sea Drone Swarming Operations

18 April 2024 @ 6:51 pm

 Red Cat Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: RCAT) (“Red Cat”), a drone technology company integrating robotic hardware and

FLARM and PilotAware Cooperate to Enhance Aircraft Safety Through Interoperable Solutions

18 April 2024 @ 6:42 pm

FLARM and PilotAware, leaders in Electronic Conspicuity and Situational Awareness for both powered and non-powered

Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck opens drone factory and development hub of German manufacturer Quantum Systems during delegation trip to Ukraine

18 April 2024 @ 6:38 pm

Berlin, Germany – 18 April 2024 – On the occasion of a delegation trip to Ukraine, Vice Chancellor

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Wide range of technology topics, including software, security, operating systems, mobile, storage, servers and data centers, and technology companies

Windows 11 Insider Previews: What’s in the latest build?

19 April 2024 @ 9:43 pm

The Windows 11 2023 Update has been released, but behind the scenes, Microsoft is constantly working to improve the newest version of Windows. The company frequently rolls out public preview builds to members of its Windows Insider Program, allowing them to test out — and even help shape — upcoming features. Skip to the builds The Windows Insider program is divided into four channels: The Canary Channel is where platform changes (such as major updates to the Windows kernel and new APIs) are previewed. These changes are not tied to a particular Windows release and may never ship at all. Little documentati

Chasing business and partnerships, Apple goes APAC

19 April 2024 @ 3:45 pm

While politicians who should know better waste time worrying about green bubbles, Apple continues to explore opportunities in global markets as its traditional ones become increasingly stagnant.  Apple is also seeking ways to become less exposed to America’s growing 

Microsoft reminder: Support for Office 2016 and 2019 ends next year

19 April 2024 @ 12:21 pm

Microsoft is reminding customers that support for its Office 2016 and Office 2019 suites and related productivity servers will end on Oct. 14, 2025. 

Google consolidates AI teams into DeepMind to scale capacity

19 April 2024 @ 11:29 am

Aimed at accelerating progress in AI development and responsible AI deployment, Alphabet-owned Google is consolidating its teams that are responsible for building AI models across Google Research and Google DeepMind, its CEO Sundar Pichai said Thursday in a note to its employees.  All AI “work will now sit in Google DeepMind,” Pichai specified in the note. This restructuring will “scale our capacity to deliver capable AI for our users, partners and customers,” Pichai said in the note. “This will simplify development by concentrating compute-intensive model building in one plac

Zoom offers AI-based updates to its Workplace collaboration space

18 April 2024 @ 7:38 pm

Online meeting platform Zoom this week announced updates to its meeting collaboration space Workplace, adding AI-powered capabilities that include a previously released “assistant” that offers post-meeting summaries and the ability to compose chats and email drafts.  Available through Zoom’s desktop app, the Workplace collaboration platform includes the use of its Zoom AI Companion, which it released last September.  The AI Companion, enabled in the toolbar, u

Report: Microsoft-OpenAI ownership might get conditional OK from EU regulators

18 April 2024 @ 5:24 pm

Microsoft’s $13 billion investment in OpenAI might not trigger EU antitrust restrictions since it is unlikely to be viewed as an “acquisition” in the legal sense in that jurisdiction. A report Wednesday by Reuters said this means Microsoft would likely avoid more formal investigation procedures and potential regulatory stumbling blocks as a result of its investment in the generative AI LLM provider. Reached for comment, a European Commission spokesperson said that for a transaction to be “notifiabl

Apple wants to improve the carbon offset market

18 April 2024 @ 4:53 pm

Apple has published its annual environmental report detailing its progress towards becoming completely carbon neutral by 2030. While critics will, of course, condemn the report as “greenwash,” it’s hard to identity many other big firms working quite as hard to be so transparent across the impact of their bus

Slack AI now available to all paid users

18 April 2024 @ 3:42 pm

Slack’s generative AI (genAI) features are now available to all customers on paid accounts, at a cost of $10 per user each month for those on Slack Pro and Business+ plans. The collaboration software vendor, owned by Salesforce, brought the genAI features to enterprise customers in February (pricing wasn’t publicly announced). On Thursday, Slack exten

The best Android app drawer enhancement you’ll ever make

18 April 2024 @ 10:00 am

When people ask me why I prefer Android over that (cough, cough) other mobile platform, the answer is a little complicated. Sure, I like the diversity and different options Android affords me in terms of hardware — both with the more mundane, standard sorts of choices and the cutting-edge, adventurous form possibilities. And yes, as someone who very much lives and works within Google’s ecosystem, I enjoy the tighter integration of those services and the better

11 top productivity tips for Microsoft Edge

18 April 2024 @ 10:00 am

We live and work in browsers. It’s where we spend most of our time — and it’s where we waste most of our time as well. Web browsing is slow, inefficient, and full of time-sapping annoyances. But it needn’t be that way. You can turn your browser into a lean, mean productivity machine. To do it, just follow these eight tips for Microsoft Edge (the Chromium version, not the legacy one) in Windows 10 or 11. You’ll learn how to switch between home and work profiles; put idle tabs to sleep to speed up your PC and increase battery life; use Edge’s Collection capabilities, perhaps the best productivity-enhancing browser feature of all time; and more. (Note that these tips

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Video card reviews and 3D benchmark tests

Intel releases Arc driver with 5% to 48% improvement for DirectX11 games

19 April 2024 @ 9:01 pm

Intel Arc 101.5444 driver now available Intel has released a new driver for Alchemist-based graphics. If you're into gaming on older titles and happen to own an Arc GPU from Intel, there's some good news: Intel is still actively improving performance for such games. The latest update zeroes in on DirectX11 games, aiming to optimize performance across Arc A-series (desktop/mobile) and integrated Arc (as in Core Ultra series). This driver update promises performance boosts ranging from 5% to 48%, depending on the game and settings. Expect around a 5% uplift in games like Days Gone, Unturned, and VRChat, while bigger...Keep on reading: Intel releases Arc driver with 5% to 48% improvement for DirectX11 games

(Driver) INTEL Arc Graphics

19 April 2024 @ 8:52 pm

Improvements vs. driver Arc A-Series Graphics Products Astroneer (DX11) Up to 30% average FPS uplift at 1080p with Ultra settings Days Gone (DX11) Up to 5% average FPS uplift at 1080p with Very High settings Dyson Sphere Program (DX11) Up to 15% average FPS uplift at 1080p with Default settings Fortnite Performance Mode (DX11) Up to 15% average FPS uplift at 1080p with Ultra settings Lethal Company (DX11) Up to 14% average FPS uplift at 1080p with Default settings Mass Effect Legendary Edition (DX11) Up to 14% average FPS uplift at 1080p with Ultra settings Mount & Blade II:...Keep on reading: (Driver) INTEL Arc Graphics

(PR) Sparkle launches Intel Arc A300E Embedded series

19 April 2024 @ 8:50 pm

SPARKLE Launched Embedded Graphics Card Series for the Edge Accelerate AI, Visual Computing and Media Processing with Intel Arc GPUs With 40+ years of experience in computer industry, SPARKLE is launching a series of graphics cards based on the recently launched Intel Arc GPU for edge and provide longevity support up to 5 years. SPARKLE graphic cards feature high-efficiency AI, visual computing and media processing. GPU cards from SPARKLE are edge-focused form factors with long life and optimizations for embedded use conditions and improves development and operating efficiency based on an open ecosystem by leveraging AI inferencing software, OpenVINO which...Keep on reading: (PR) Sparkle launches Intel Arc A300E Embedded series

(PR) ASUS AMD 600 motherboards get “Next-Gen Ryzen” CPU support

19 April 2024 @ 8:44 pm

ASUS AMD 600 Series Motherboards Now Support Next-Gen Ryzen Processors BIOS updates for ASUS AM5 motherboards also add support for existing Ryzen 7000 and 8000 series processors TAIPEI, Taiwan, April 19, 2024 — ASUS today announced BIOS updates enabling support for next-gen AMD Ryzen™ processors on ASUS AM5 X670, B650, and A620 motherboards, as well as support for existing Ryzen 7000 and 8000 series processors. These updates are necessary to enable compatibility with these processors. The updates can be accessed on the ASUS BIOS update page for the models listed below: Product line Model Name BIOS Version ROG ROG CROSSHAIR X670E EXTREME...Keep on reading: (PR) ASUS AMD 600 motherboards get “Next-Gen Ryzen” CPU support

All Radeon RX 7000 and GeForce RTX 40 cards are now below MSRP in Germany

19 April 2024 @ 3:00 pm

Good time to buy graphics cards According to 3DCenter, it is easier to find cheaper graphics cards in Germany than it is on the US market. The site conducted an analysis comparing Newegg, one of the largest US retailers, often being the first to discount the latest GPUs, and Geizhals, a price aggregator that works across Europe. The particular focus was put on the German market, which is also very competitive for PC hardware. As it was shown, the current US MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price), once converted to Euro, is actually higher than what every single RTX 40 and...Keep on reading: All Radeon RX 7000 and GeForce RTX 40 cards are now below MSRP in Germany

Falcon Northwest has a guide for mitigating stability issues with Intel Raptor Lake Core i9 CPUs

19 April 2024 @ 12:00 pm

Falcon Northwest steps up with a solution for Intel 13/14th Gen CPU users suffering from stability issues While Intel is still investigating stability concerns on the latest Raptor Lake CPUs, system integrators are coming up with solutions. Falcon Northwest, a boutique PC vendor, is selling many high-end systems equipped with Core i9 CPUs. The company has come up with an idea to share recommended settings for users experiencing stability issues and crashes that may help. The recommendations are for the ASUS Z790 motherboards, where the BIOS step-by-step guide is provided. The guide is mainly for users who already experience problems...Keep on reading: Falcon Northwest has a guide for mitigating stability issues with Intel Raptor Lake Core i9 CPUs

AMD “Strix Halo” Zen5 & RDNA3.5 premium APU rumors take shape

19 April 2024 @ 9:53 am

AMD first ultra-high-end APU with 16 Zen5 cores and 40 RDNA3.5 CUs is said to feature LPDDR5X memory Recent leaks and speculation were put together by Chiphell forum member.  AMD is said to be launching its Strix Halo APUs next year. It's one of the most interesting hardware releases from AMD in many years, given that it incorporates high CPU core count as well as very powerful graphics. It's an "Ultimate APU" segment that will likely tackle the Apple M-Series chips that feature similar configurations; however, in this case, it's an x86 architecture powered by AMD's latest architectures. According to...Keep on reading: AMD “Strix Halo” Zen5 & RDNA3.5 premium APU rumors take shape

EK launches direct-die waterblock for AMD Ryzen 7000 AM5 processors

19 April 2024 @ 8:43 am

EK wants to cool AMD Ryzen CPUs without heat spreaders The company is announcing its first direct-die solutions for AMD Ryzen CPUs. Shortly after announcing new direct-die coolers for Intel CPUs, the Slovenian cooling company is also launching similar coolers for AMD. The EK Direct-Die series is compatible with delidded AMD Ryzen AM5 CPUs, but it's important to note that not all AM5 CPUs are supported. The recently released Ryzen 8000G series, which use a different die, are not compatible. The reason why it's important is that the block has been designed to cover each of the three chiplets specifically...Keep on reading: EK launches direct-die waterblock for AMD Ryzen 7000 AM5 processors

GALAX launches all-white GeForce RTX 4060 low-profile GPU with three fans

19 April 2024 @ 7:46 am

Three fans and low-profile design based on RTX 4060 GALAX has launched a new model based on NVIDIA's slowest SKU. It appears to be a new trend emerging: a low-profile design equipped with three fans. This unique style was initially introduced by Gigabyte, who were the first brand to showcase such a graphics card. ASUS followed suit by unveiling their BRK (Low Profile) design, based on the same NVIDIA SKU. However, these companies aren't the only ones interested in this concept. GALAX has announced, through its Japanese distributor Kuroutoshikou, that they are launching the RTX 4060 GALAKURO. Similar to ASUS...Keep on reading: GALAX launches all-white GeForce RTX 4060 low-profile GPU with three fans

Qualcomm teases Snapdragon X launch for April 24th

18 April 2024 @ 8:40 pm

Qualcomm teases next-gen PC processors with ARM architecture The Snapdragon X series coming on April 24th? Qualcomm appears to have hinted at a release date for its Snapdragon X series processors. The company suggests keeping an eye out for April 24th and has shared a teaser featuring a laptop and a prominent X. The teaser doesn't explicitly mention the "Elite" series, which may indicate that the rumored X Plus models could also be unveiled on that day. The new series aims to offer high-end CPU architecture based on ARM for lightweight laptop systems. The X Elite series is said...Keep on reading: Qualcomm teases Snapdragon X launch for April 24th

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Design News is the leading technical resource, both in print and online.

2024 Mustang Mach-E Replaces BorgWarner Rear Motor With F-150 In-House Unit

19 April 2024 @ 7:49 pm

Sandy Munro criticized the original Mach-E rear motor as being needlessly complex.

Mechanical Engineers Face a Changing Future

19 April 2024 @ 3:19 pm

The soft skills of problem-solving and communication will be needed, while AI, additive manufacturing, and robot/human interaction will grow in importance.

What You Should Know About Wireless Charging

19 April 2024 @ 2:26 pm

This video says the convenience of being able to charge your devices without wires comes with tradeoffs.

Intelligent Industrial Camera Eyes Supplier News

19 April 2024 @ 2:48 am

We’re also looking at sustainable industrial automation, variable frequency drives, and fluid control technologies.

Samsung Gambles on Texas to Strengthen U.S. Presence

18 April 2024 @ 9:50 pm

With CHIPS Act help, Korean electronics giant banks on expanded onshore plants to fend off U.S. rivals.

Amsted’s 2-Speed EV Transmission Boosts Range 10 Percent

18 April 2024 @ 6:41 pm

Only the Porsche Taycan has used a 2-speed transmission so far, but Amsted’s efficient clutch designs might change that.

Ensuring Today’s Innovations Do Not Become Tomorrow’s Problems

18 April 2024 @ 5:37 pm

Consider these tips for engineering sustainability into products and processes without compromising performance and safety.

The Digital Transformation Ain’t Easy

18 April 2024 @ 5:28 pm

Deploying the software may be a breeze, but getting the new system to work with your company’s culture can be a tough climb.

GM’s Classic Concept Cars Displayed in the Petersen Museum’s Motorama Exhibit

17 April 2024 @ 7:00 pm

See six dream cars from General Motors’ 1950s traveling Motorama show at the Petersen Automotive Museum.

Ultrasonic Metal Welding Evolves to Meet Energy Storage System Manufacturing Needs

16 April 2024 @ 11:49 pm

Thanks to its use of high-frequency vibration and pressure to bond metals without melting, ultrasonic welding offers battery producers a promising alternative to traditional welding.

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Computer hardware

Grow with Botany Manor: Immersive Cosy Gaming 

19 April 2024 @ 2:00 pm

Explore a 19th Century manor house, filled with puzzling plants, clues, and cosy vibes in Botany Manor. How green is your thumb? The post Grow with Botany Manor: Immersive Cosy Gaming  appeared first on Overclockers UK.

Your Guide to RAM

19 April 2024 @ 11:00 am

Looking to upgrade your RAM game but don’t know how to pick the right RAM kit for your gaming set-up? The Overclockers UK guide to RAM will take you through all the key features you need to know before you buy, including capacity, speed, CAS timings, and much more.   We’re in a for a long […] The post Your Guide to RAM appeared first on Overclockers UK.

Free Games, Software, & More

19 April 2024 @ 9:30 am

That’s right, free! We are gonna be regularly showcasing all the best free games and software that you can pick up right now! The post Free Games, Software, & More appeared first on Overclockers UK.

Are Mouse Mats Necessary? 

18 April 2024 @ 2:29 pm

Do you really need a mouse mat or gaming surface? In this article, we’re answering all your questions about mouse mats. The post Are Mouse Mats Necessary?  appeared first on Overclockers UK.

Haiku Day: Showing Our Love For Gaming Through Poetry

17 April 2024 @ 2:00 pm

To celebrate Haiku Day, our resident poet decided to show his love for all things gaming in the one form that he could express it in! The post Haiku Day: Showing Our Love For Gaming Through Poetry appeared first on Overclockers UK.

The Ultimate Podcast Set-Up 

17 April 2024 @ 11:00 am

Give a boost to your production values with the Ultimate Podcasting Set-Up. Everything you need to create the next chart topping podcast. The post The Ultimate Podcast Set-Up  appeared first on Overclockers UK.

Case Study: Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Esports Team

17 April 2024 @ 9:30 am

Since 2018, Overclockers UK has partnered with the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Esports Team to provide state-of-the-art PCs to power its racing simulators and engineering stations.    In this blog post, we’re showcasing our fantastic partnership with the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Esports Team, highlighting how our racing sim PCs power their performance.   Founding Partnership   Located on the campus of […] The post Case Study: Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Esports Team appeared first on Overclockers UK.

NVIDIA Inside Look: Omniverse Machinima

16 April 2024 @ 11:00 am

All of NVIDIA’s graphics cards come armed with plenty of cutting-edge tech that has been designed for gamers, streamers, and content creators. The list of integrated features is rather comprehensive and that’s why we’ve created our very own blog series titled, ‘NVIDIA Inside Look’.   In this blog post, we’re taking a closer look at NVIDIA […] The post NVIDIA Inside Look: Omniverse Machinima appeared first on Overclockers UK.

Key Updates to Make in 2024

15 April 2024 @ 11:00 am

2024 is in full swing now and there’s never been a better time to start thinking about updating your gaming set-up. There’s plenty of incredible new tech out there just waiting to boost your gaming and productivity.   Don’t know where to start? We’ve put together this handy round up of all the key updates you […] The post Key Updates to Make in 2024 appeared first on Overclockers UK.

Coming To VR – Escape Simulator 

13 April 2024 @ 10:54 am

Highly interactive puzzle co-op Escape Simulator dropped a free VR update earlier this month, and we’re in love! Here’s everything you need to know about Escape Simulator VR. The post Coming To VR – Escape Simulator  appeared first on Overclockers UK.

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Gadgets and hardware gossip mainly written by SJWs.

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