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Dev / Production stacks for all to see. Handy tool to see what software is trending today.

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Amazons’s cloud computing & web hosting service.

Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP now provides performance and capacity metrics in Amazon CloudWatch

19 January 2022 @ 10:40 pm

Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP now provides metrics in Amazon CloudWatch, enabling you to monitor and alarm on performance and storage usage metrics for your file systems and volumes.

AWS Trusted Advisor now integrates with AWS Security Hub

19 January 2022 @ 8:47 pm

Today, AWS Trusted Advisor adds 111 checks automatically ingested from AWS Security Hub's Foundational Security Best Practices. You can find the full list of Security Hub checks here.

AWS Panorama is now available in Asia Pacific (Sydney), and Asia Pacific (Singapore)

19 January 2022 @ 6:57 pm

AWS Panorama is now available in the Asia Pacific (Sydney), and Asia Pacific (Singapore) Regions. 

AWS Launch Wizard now supports the latest versions of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and SAP HANA, S/4HANA, and BW/4HANA

19 January 2022 @ 6:13 pm

AWS Launch Wizard now supports SAP S/4HANA 2021, SAP BW/4HANA 2021, SAP HANA SPS06, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)15 SP3.

Amazon Location Service enables request-based pricing for all customer use cases

19 January 2022 @ 5:20 pm

Amazon Location Service now offers request-based pricing for all customer use cases, including those with asset-based applications. For instance, if a developer building a delivery application needs to find the positions (latitude/longitude) associated with delivery addresses, they can pay per address searched. With Amazon Location, there are no upfront fees, no required minimum commitments, and no long-term contracts. Now it’s even easier for developers to add location awareness to their asset-based applications.

Announcing matrix routing for Amazon Location Service

19 January 2022 @ 5:15 pm

Today, Amazon Location Service added matrix routing, making it easier for customers to quickly calculate driving time and driving distance between multiple origins and destinations. With matrix routing, developers can use a single API request to reduce the latency associated with multiple routing calculations, allowing them to simplify their code, and improve the experience of their customers. For example, an application that plans delivery routes can now use Amazon Location’s matrix routing capabilities to request the driving time and distance for all deliveries for a given period. They can reduce the number of requests and latency by making one request of up to 350 origins by 350 destination to retrieve 122,500 drive times and distances.

Amazon Corretto January Quarterly Updates

18 January 2022 @ 10:49 pm

On January 18th, Amazon announced quarterly security and critical updates for Amazon Corretto Long-Term Supported (LTS) versions. Corretto 11.0.14 and 8.322 are now available for download. Amazon Corretto 17 updates will be available shortly after the release is tagged in the OpenJDK 17 repository. Amazon Corretto is a no-cost, multi-platform, production-ready distribution of OpenJDK.

Amazon Interactive Video Service adds thumbnail configuration

18 January 2022 @ 10:26 pm

With Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS) you can now configure how often thumbnails are generated for your live stream. Amazon IVS generates thumbnail images every 60 seconds for standard live channels by default. With this feature you can generate thumbnails more frequently, up to 12 images every 60 seconds (one every 5 seconds) or you can disable thumbnail generation. More frequent images gives your users a more current view of what is happening in a live stream when they are browsing an app or website that uses thumbnails for preview images.

Amazon EMR Studio is now available in US West (N. California)

18 January 2022 @ 10:16 pm

EMR Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) that makes it easy for data scientists and data engineers to develop, visualize, and debug big data and analytics applications written in R, Python, Scala, and PySpark. Today, we are excited to announce that EMR Studio is now available in US West (N. California) region.

AWS Storage Gateway management console simplifies gateway creation and management

18 January 2022 @ 10:10 pm

AWS Storage Gateway now makes it simpler and faster for you to get started with setting up and managing your hybrid cloud storage workflow. Using the Storage Gateway management console, you can now quickly create a new gateway in four easy steps: First, complete your local gateway setup. Second, connect your gateway to AWS. Third, activate your gateway. Fourth, finalize your gateway configuration.

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