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Commercial Curtain Walling & Cladding Contractors (UK) covering all aspects of external fabric of your building.


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Broadcasting Architecture Worldwide

Terada House / Terada Hirate Sekkei

19 January 2022 @ 6:00 pm

The text will be published as received. Please double check the credits and spelling! Located within a quiet residential area near the Takaido Station in Tokyo is a black building nestled above a concrete platform. This building is in fact a house designed to accommodate a family of five (mother and father, their parents and their daughter). Just off the main road and through its main entrance are several steps which guides you down, with a diagonal wall to your left which would appear to penetrate the entire building upwards and through to the roof at the top.

CatFlat Apartment / Line Design Studio

19 January 2022 @ 4:00 pm

One-room apartment is located in the historical and very green area of the city - Kaliningrad. We were faced with the task of creating a light and bright space for a comfortable life of the beautiful landlady and her charming pet.

Hipódromo House / Marianela Sarghini + Federico Craig

19 January 2022 @ 2:00 pm

The project was born out of the desire for a house of one's own, where the incentives exceed the housing needs of the users (us), valuing the desire to experiment with architectural themes of interest linked to the theme of housing; research already addressed in our professional work and as teachers.

YEK Villas / Open AD

19 January 2022 @ 12:00 pm

On the eastern side of the Urals nature makes herself felt, seen and heard at all times of the year. There, amid the towering pines and birches of a secluded golf course is the property of Open AD’s client. The two geometrically sharp villas create the impression that they are levitating above ground. Their presence is felt, but subtle.

Lunet Flagship Store / Bogdan Ciocodeică Studio

19 January 2022 @ 10:00 am

Lunet Flagship Store is the second space opened by the eponymous eye ware brand, a continuation of their aesthetic ethos and unconventional approach towards the entire experience of buying eyeglasses. The idea was to borrow a few of the key elements from the first store in such a manner, that it feels like you have stepped into the Lunet universe, but at the same time creating a unique and specially designed space, adapted to the new context.

“A Broken House”: the Collective Struggle of Longing for Home

19 January 2022 @ 7:30 am

“A Broken House” is a documentary directed by Jimmy Goldblum that highlights the story of Mohamad Hafez, a Syrian native that moved to the US on a single-entry visa to study architecture and was not able to return home. Facing his fate, he channeled his homesickness in his artwork, and started producing miniature sculptures of his hometown, in order to build the “Damascus of his memories”.

Monkey House / Atelier Marko Brajovic

19 January 2022 @ 7:00 am

A few years ago the monkeys that lived at the foot of Serra disappeared. It was told that it was due to yellow fever that supposedly spread among the primate families. I don't know, we were very sad.

Foster + Partners Wins Competition to Design Central Station in Stockholm

19 January 2022 @ 6:30 am

An integrated team led by Foster + Partners in collaboration with Marge Arkitekter have won a design competition for the redevelopment of Stockholm's central station, Sweden's largest transportation facility. The winning design aims to bring together several modes of transport in an integrated hub, while prioritizing pedestrian circulation and creating a new mixed-use urban district that combines old and new architecture.

Acaponeta Public Park / CCA Centro de Colaboración Arquitectónica

19 January 2022 @ 6:00 am

Recently public space has regained its value, we have become aware of the importance of a common, equitable and dignified space where society can see itself reflected to share its experiences. The Secretariat of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development (SEDATU) has focused on the rehabilitation and activation of the Mexican public territory, and as part of this program, they invited us to design a series of spaces in the state of Nayarit, for the benefit of the victims of Hurricane Willa.

8 Stories of Architects Embracing Refurbishment and Adaptive Reuse

19 January 2022 @ 5:30 am

Over the past year, established practices have continued to champion the transformation of existing structures, with adaptive reuse and renovations increasingly becoming a defining aspect of contemporary architecture  From the renovation of landmark structures to the adaptive reuse of obsolete facilities, the idea of giving new life to existing buildings has been embraced as the premise for a more sustainable practice, but also as a means of reinforcing the urban and cultural identity of cities. Discover 8 designs and recently completed projects that showcase a new common practice of reusing existing building stock.


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weblog devoted to the future of design, tracking the innovations in technology, practices and materials that are pushing architecture and home design

IMMERST floating community is adaptable, modular and prefab

19 January 2022 @ 8:30 pm

As buildable land becomes increasingly scarce, long-standing yacht company Stephens Waring Design has developed a new design concept called OASys (Ocean Architectural System), which could be the answer for coastline challenges like animal habitat conservation, erosion and lack of suitable development space. [...]

ExxonMobil plays dirty to deny role in the climate crisis

19 January 2022 @ 7:30 pm

ExxonMobil has turned to intimidation in attempts to stop its critics from taking legal action. The giant oil company is trying to use an unusual Texas law to target critics outside the state. Exxon has asked the Texas Supreme Court to allow it to use rule 202 to take on California municipal officials.  [...]

Polar researchers discover enormous icefish nesting site

19 January 2022 @ 6:30 pm

They have see-through skulls, transparent blood, and they built 60 million nests beneath the frigid waters of the Antarctic Sea. They’re Jonah’s icefish, and a polar research team has just discovered what might be their largest breeding colony in the world.[...]

Airavat is a home in the clouds flowing with beauty

19 January 2022 @ 5:30 pm

Airavat, a "home in the clouds," is a new creation by reD Architects on the outskirts of Mumbai that casts a striking complement to its natural surroundings. [...]

Ambitious new EV charging network launches in the US

19 January 2022 @ 4:30 pm

Access to charging stations is one of the stumbling blocks for America's proposed electric vehicle future. Missouri-based EOS Linx found a way to combine its work in advertising, security, data analytics and renewable energy into an interesting package that could quickly boost EV drivers’ charging options. [...]

The climate crisis could sink the UK's economy by 2045

18 January 2022 @ 8:30 pm

The U.K. is at risk of losing 1% of its economy every year by 2045 due to the climate crisis. This is according to the U.K. government's recent assessment of the risks posed by climate change. In a five-year analysis of the climate risk, officials determined that the U.K. stands to lose even more if actions are not taken to reverse the climate crisis.  [...]

Coal production in China reached record high in 2021

18 January 2022 @ 7:30 pm

Despite global cries for an end to fossil fuel use, China’s coal production reached record levels last year. The government encouraged miners to ramp up production, working at maximum capacity to increase China’s economic growth.[...]

Create your own trees out of greenscreen's 3D trellis

18 January 2022 @ 6:30 pm

The greenscreen gsTree modular trellis system has won the 2021 Architizer A+ Product Award for conceptual design, the largest awards program in architecture and design. This unique 3D trellising system forms a tree-like shape that elevates and then spreads, growing plants to 10-feet heights. [...]

Zero waste homes are 3D printed in less than 24 hours

18 January 2022 @ 5:30 pm

Industries around the world are constantly innovating, however, the construction industry has been slow to adopt new technologies. Mighty Buildings is changing all that with the development of a concrete-replacement known as light-stone material (LSM) used to 3D print a home in less than 24 hours. [...]

Carbon-neutral Nabr apartments are move-in ready by 2023

18 January 2022 @ 4:30 pm

Nabr is disrupting the housing market with a completely new way to buy customized sustainable apartments. You can buy one entirely through software. Just as startups have given us new online options for car buying, Nabr wants to change the outdated way we shop for the right home.[...]


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The Garden Landscape Guide

Where is this garden, famous for its sub-tropical planting?

7 February 2021 @ 12:52 pm

The clue may be unhelpful! Please click this link to find the garden’s identity, to see its place on  a  map and to watch a video about the gardens

Geoffrey Jellicoe, Jordan Peterson, post-Postmodernism and Metamodernism

20 October 2020 @ 7:03 pm

Garden designers and landscape architects have had an uneasy relationship with “styles” for two centuries. In the nineteenth century it was a central issue, with much talk of: the superiority of the ‘English’ style to the ‘French’ style the ‘Gardenesque’ style the ‘Formal’ style and the ‘Informal’ style. In the twentieth century, led by Modernist […]

River Thames Landscape and Gardens

6 October 2020 @ 12:47 pm

Jane Webb published The Mummy! A Tale of the Twenty-Second Century in 1827 and, through it, met her future husband, John Claudius Loudon. A pioneering sci-fi novel, it envisages London in 300 years time. In different ways, Jane and John had shared interests in gardens and futurology. This passage from  The Mummy envisages the Thames’ […]

Landscape architecture podcasts

3 July 2020 @ 6:27 pm

See podcast list on Landscape Architects Association website

2019 Chelsea Flower Show Garden Designs

12 October 2019 @ 6:44 pm

While admiring the 2019 Chelsea Flower Show, I thought of a name for an emerging style of garden design. The primary characteristic of  the Belief Style is a new view of Nature: as simultaneously endangered, life-enhancing and in need of conservation by and for humanity. Perhaps it will earn a place on the Gardenvisit chart […]

Tour of Persian Gardens

18 February 2019 @ 6:46 am

The Cultural Landscape Association (CLA) is a non-profit organization specialized in the area of Cultural Landscape and the only institution in Iran that focuses on cultural landscapes interdisciplinary. The Association’s mission is to strengthen the role of cultural landscape in sustainable development in Iran and the Middle East region, by building the capacity of all […]

James Veitch and Sons nurserymen and garden designers

8 February 2019 @ 7:58 am

Veitch’s Chelsea nursery ceased trading in 1914, rather appropriately for the greatest horticultural firm in British history. It was founded in the eighteenth century  and in the nineteenth century took advantage of peace, prosperity and sea power to engage in plant collecting on a world scale.  It brought 1281 new plants into cultivation and undertook […]

Gardens of the Château de Vullierens

6 February 2019 @ 4:30 pm

We are pleased to welcome the gardens of the Château de Vullierens to the Gardenvisit guide. Just inland from Lac Lemen (Lake Geneva) it looks south to the Alps and Mont Blanc. Four important styles of garden design have influenced the layout. When first built, as a strongly fortified house, it was set in a […]

Stupas, conservation, heritage, historic gardens in Ladakh

16 July 2018 @ 12:26 pm

Heritage conservation is founded on a modernist view of the supremacy of reason and science over faith, religion and belief. This leads to the conservation policy of detaching objects from their cultural contexts and freezing them in time. If the culture that produced the object has died, this may be justifiable. But a different policy […]

Monty Don on the ‘Paradise Gardens’ of Islam

27 January 2018 @ 5:58 pm

Monty Don is my favourite TV garden presenter but watching his BBC2 series on “””Paradise Gardens”””” has been a mixed pleasure. He has the talents to be a good garden historian. But he does not have the time. So the BBC should involve more experts. On Islamic gardens (as they are often, if misleadingly called) […]


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Design,Architecture, Interiors, Furniture & More

Inflatable “Puffer Village” Concept Protects Homes from Rising Sea Levels

19 January 2022 @ 2:00 pm

With the constant advance of global warming, polar ice caps continue to melt, causing sea levels to inch up every year. For coastal towns, this danger is real and immediate – but Iranian architect Sajjad Navidi has devised a nature-based concept that could insulate rural communities from the effects The post Inflatable “Puffer Village” Concept Protects Homes from Rising Sea Levels first appeared on Dornob.

Noa’s Flexible Modular Building System Can Adapt to Any Use and Location

17 January 2022 @ 2:00 pm

Modular architecture doesn’t have to be cookie-cutter. In fact, breaking buildings down to components that are easy to transport and assemble makes it possible to infuse architecture with a lot more creativity than standard stick-built construction. It’s also adaptable, so if your needs change, you The post Noa’s Flexible Modular Building System Can Adapt to Any Use and Location first appeared on Dornob.

F51: The World’s First Multi-Level Skatepark Shreds into a Quaint English Town

12 January 2022 @ 10:00 pm

Ever heard of Folkestone, England? Chances are, you haven’t – yet. But all that’s about to change once the sleepy seaside port town on the English Channel opens F51. Designed by British architect and local design denizen Guy Hollaway, this multi-story skatepark will be the first of its kind anywhere The post F51: The World’s First Multi-Level Skatepark Shreds into a Quaint English Town first appeared on Dornob.

Jeff Bezos Just Added a $78M Hawaiian Estate to His $500M Real Estate Portfolio

10 January 2022 @ 2:00 pm

Hawaii is quickly becoming the isle of internet billionaires, much to the consternation of the locals. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos just bought a remote $78 million 14-acre estate surrounded by dormant lava fields on La Perouse Bay in Maui, adding to his $500 million real estate portfolio. The sale comes The post Jeff Bezos Just Added a $78M Hawaiian Estate to His $500M Real Estate Portfolio first appeared on Dornob.

China’s Upcoming Xinxiang Tourism Center Looks Like Stacked Ice Cubes

7 January 2022 @ 2:00 pm

Architecture always serves a purpose, whether utilitarian or otherwise. Whether it’s to evoke a sense of community engagement and unity, to act as a cultural or creative hub, or simply to stand out from the crowd, there are a number of ways in which architecture makes a statement that stretches outside The post China’s Upcoming Xinxiang Tourism Center Looks Like Stacked Ice Cubes first appeared on Dornob.

New Museum Makes the Olympics an Inclusive Experience for All

6 January 2022 @ 11:02 pm

The new U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum was designed as an invitation to people of all abilities to share in the triumph of champions. “We wanted to design a museum that not only eliminated physical barriers but created a completely shared experience, as well,” said Benjamin Gilmartin, a partner The post New Museum Makes the Olympics an Inclusive Experience for All first appeared on Dornob.

A Sneak Peek at 2022’s Best Architecture Offerings

3 January 2022 @ 10:00 pm

Even in the midst of a global pandemic, people have continued to design and construct some truly amazing architecture over the past year. And 2022 is slated to unveil a number of game-changing structures, too. Here's a little taste of what the next year has in store in the world of building design: Merdeka The post A Sneak Peek at 2022’s Best Architecture Offerings first appeared on Dornob.

See How American Houses Evolved Over the Last 450 Years

29 December 2021 @ 10:06 pm

What have homes looked like in America since the first mass arrivals of European colonists in the 1600s? Every era has its own influences based on global trends, the cultures of people who moved to particular regions, and the current events of the day. Now, American Home Shield (AHS) has visualized ten The post See How American Houses Evolved Over the Last 450 Years first appeared on Dornob.

Meet the De Markies: the Innovative Mobile Home That Never Was

27 December 2021 @ 2:00 pm

After camping became a popular pastime in the 1950s, many people invested in pop-up campers. Small, portable, and most of all affordable, these little beauties were often big enough to accompany a whole family of outdoor enthusiasts looking to take their vacations on the road. As time went on, pop-up The post Meet the De Markies: the Innovative Mobile Home That Never Was first appeared on Dornob.

The Grinch’s Rocky Lair Opens to Guests in Utah for Christmas

25 December 2021 @ 3:11 am

This holiday season, a few lucky (or not-so-lucky) vacationers will get to stay at the personal lodgings of the Grinch himself, located high above Whoville – “three thousand feet up, up the side of Mt. Crumpit,” to be exact. Vacation rental platform Vacasa teamed up with Dr. Seuss Enterprises to The post The Grinch’s Rocky Lair Opens to Guests in Utah for Christmas first appeared on Dornob.