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Alternatives to Windows, Mac, Linux and online applications

Spotify has launched a competitor to Clubhose called Greenroom

18 June 2021 @ 4:39 am

Looking to get in on the casual drop-in audio social spaces app scene, Spotify has launched a new competitor to the popular Clubhouse app globally. The service, appropriately titled Spotify Greenroom, is going for a simultaneous global launch in 135 countries, which is a stark contrast to Small Clubhouse iconClubhouse and its limited region-by-region rollout. You'll be able to log into the service by using your Small Spotify iconSpotify account info regardless of whether you're a free or paid user. Anyone can creat

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is now available for every Google account holder

15 June 2021 @ 4:10 am

Google has announced that it's made its online productivity suite available to more people than ever. Workspace is no longer restricted to enterprise users. As long as you enable Google Chat in Gmail, you'll gain access to previously enterprise exclusive Workspace features. Announced via an official Google blog post, this greatly expanded access to all of Google Workspace includes smart suggestions in Small Google Docs iconGoogle Docs and

FaceTime will soon be available for Android and Windows devices via the web

9 June 2021 @ 3:11 am

At this year's Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, the tech giant announced the latest versions of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS. On top of that, however, another major announcement was included involving one of its most popular services: FaceTime will soon support Android and Windows via the web. Both during the keynote and on the official preview website for macOS Monterey (12), Apple detailed that its Small FaceTime iconFaceTime video and audio calling service will be getting numerous new features. On top of support for different mic modes, spatial audio, screen sharing, and media group watching, the previously Apple hardware-exclusive service will now support Windows and Android devices via

WhatsApp will sync across multiple devices, more features coming soon

6 June 2021 @ 1:35 am

The WABetaInfo website administrator recently chatted with the Head of WhatsApp Will Cathcart and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and discovered that multiple desired features are in the messenger's development pipeline. This includes improved privacy tools and support for multi-device syncing even without an active Internet connection. The impromptu WhatsApp interview reviewed multiple details surrounding the end-to-end encrypting messenger's future. For one, it was confirmed that a disappearing messages mode is coming that will automatically set messages to delete in any new chat threads. A "view once" mode is also being implemented "soon," making it so once a person views your video or photo once, they can be set to disappear from your chat completely. When asked if the development team is working on getting WhatsApp usable on different devices without an active Internet connection, Zuckerberg provided the following response: "It’s b

OpenRGB version 0.6 now available, adds plugin support and additional UI customization options

2 June 2021 @ 1:24 am

If you have hardware with built-in lighting, this news is for you: version 0.6 of the OpenRGB lighting control software has released. OpenRGB, as described by its developer, is "Open source RGB lighting control that doesn't depend on manufacturer software." This makes it a desirable alternative for those that want something more lightweight and hardware agnostic for handling their devices with built-in RGB lighting. The official patch notes are as follows: • Plugin architecture - OpenRGB plugins add functionality to the user interface. Plugins include effects engine, E1.31 receiver, visual map editor, and more. • Additional user interface configurable options: Exit to tray, save window geometry, and display index number labels in LED view • macOS support (Intel and ARM builds available). Note that macOS does not support I2C/SMBus or Super IO devices • Log manager: Logs are stored in configuration directory under logs folder

Have I Been Pwned is now open source, FBI will feed it compromised passwords

28 May 2021 @ 11:03 pm

The developer behind the popular and useful Have I Been Pwned has announced that the service is now fully open source and has partnered with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in order to inform users of any compromised passwords. Originally promised back in August of 2020, Have I Been Pwned developer Troy Hunt has listed the full service under 2 separate open source repositories on GitHub. Hunt worked with the .NET Foundation on the PwnedPasswordsAzureFunction repo that contains "APIs for the k-anonymity Pwned Passwords implementation," and worked with Cloudflare on the PwnedPassword

Android 12 will allow for non-Google Play app stores to update apps

22 May 2021 @ 9:30 pm

Google has announced that its upcoming Android 12 operating system release will introduce a new parameter to allow apps installed outside of the Google Play Store to automatically update if they meet certain parameters. As described by XDA-Developers, Android’s PackageInstaller.SessionParams class has been modified with a setRequireUserAction method. This acts as a security measure for apps downloaded from outside of the Small Google Play Store iconGoogle Play Store so that they require user action before being installed. This class has defined how Android has handled all app sideloading, but the newly defined method can ensure it is bypassed

1Password is now officially available for Linux operating systems

19 May 2021 @ 6:59 pm

The popular password management service 1Password is now officially available for Linux users as native software. In the official announcement blog post, 1Password author Dave Teare stated that Linux support was the single most requested feature from 1Password users leading up to now. Teare says that this is due to the robust functionality that only a native OS-level app can provide even when compared to a robust web browser-based application. 1Password for Linux features the following: • Automatic Dark Mode selection based on your GTK theme • Open network locations (FTP, SSH, SMB) • Integration with GNOME, KDE, and your favorite window manager • System tray icon support for staying unlocked while closed • Open and fill in your default browser • X11 clipboard integration and clearing • GNOME Ke

Termite VTE-based terminal discontinued, dev recommends migrating to Alacritty

17 May 2021 @ 3:21 pm

Free and open source VTE-based terminal Termite has been officially discontinued, with the development team putting out a statement recommending users switch to Alacritty instead. The developer of Termite, Daniel Micay, has officially archived the software's GitHub repository and recommends migrating to the still actively developed Small Alacritty iconAlacritty. Micay explains this recommendation by comparing features and user interfaces between the two apps. He states that Alacritty 0.8 implements a "generic regex hints mode comparable to Termite's URL hints mode." The features and improvements present in the Alacritty 0.8 release candidate are what makes it "the only proper replacement for Termite," according to the recommendation statement.

Clubhouse drop-in audio call service now available for Android devices

10 May 2021 @ 2:39 pm

The popular Clubhouse chat app is now available on Android in addition to its previous iOS release. The app, which allows people to join in on conversations found in various rooms, is in active development. Though it is currently invite only, the app experienced a surge in growth when its development team enabled existing users to invite people to use it. The period of infrastructure stress testing and expansion that followed helped with getting Clubhouse to a point where an Android version could be supported and launched. Currently, the Clubhouse Android app only works in the United States, but it will soon roll out first to English-speaking countries and then to the rest of the world. The team plans to use this gradual rollout to stress test, fix bugs, and finish development on features like club creation and a payments system. The invite and waitlist system will continue for the foreseeable future in order to maintain a measured and scalable growth pattern