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The home of great writing, the new medium?

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Tech services tested and compared/

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News and opinions from the saturated fat of the web. Readers beware! MSM with a far-left bent.

Nigel Farage Says The West 'Provoked' Vladimir Putin Into Invading Ukraine

21 June 2024 @ 5:00 pm

Reform UK leader Nigel Farage playing a 2p machine in Clacton-on-Sea, where he is standing for parliament.Reform UK leader Nigel Farage playing a 2p machine in Clacton-on-Sea, where he is standing for parliament.The West “provoked” Vladimir Putin into invading Ukraine, Nigel Farage has claimed.The Reform UK leader said the eastward expansion of the

Tory Donations Plummet As Party Braces Itself For Electoral Armageddon

21 June 2024 @ 4:00 pm

Rishi Sunak speaks to journalist on the Tory battle bus.Rishi Sunak speaks to journalist on the Tory battle bus.Donations to the Tories have plummeted as the party braces itself for electoral wipeout.New figures released by the Electoral Commission shows the Conservatives raised just £292,500 in the second week of the general election campaign.That was 15 times less than Labour, who raked in £4,383,400, and around half of what they took in the week before.Even more worryingly for Tory bosses, it was even less than

Twixes And Tetchiness: What A Day On The Campaign Trail With Rishi Sunak Is Really Like

21 June 2024 @ 4:00 pm

Sunak reacts as he visits the Sizewell B nuclear power facility, wearing a hard hat.Sunak reacts as he visits the Sizewell B nuclear power facility, wearing a hard hat.Rishi Sunak is sitting in the back seat of a car, staring at a line of waiting journalists, who stare impatiently back.He can’t get out of the vehicle until a camera crew turns up to film him walking into one of the buildings at Sizewell B nuclear power station in Suffolk.Welcome to another day on the Tory general election campaign, a venture which seems more doomed with every passing day.HuffPost

The 4 Common Mistakes People Make When Painting Their Walls, According To An Expert

21 June 2024 @ 3:34 pm

Until I bought my own home and subsequently could paint walls for the first time in my life, I was convinced I could nail painting my home by myself. “How hard can it be?”, I asked myself as somebody that can’t even paint her own nails without smudges.Now, I can tell you, it’s hard. There are so many ways it could go wrong and so many ways it DOES go wrong. Going into it without any knowledge of how to properly paint your home can put you in hot water or at least paint-stained clothes and floors.HuffPost UK spoke with paint and interiors expert, Anjelica Delfino from

I Just Learned How To Properly Juice A Lemon Without A Juicer And It's Genius

21 June 2024 @ 2:01 pm

As somebody that puts lemon juice in tea, rice, and every chicken dish I ever cobble together, let me tell you: there is never enough lemon juice to satiate my zesty needs. With all of that being said, I don’t own a juicer. It’s not necessary, it’s not essential, but it does make the whole juicing process a little faster. I just keep forgetting to pick one up when I’m at the shops.However, one genius, one utter SAINT, has shared his hack to thoroughly ju

James Corden Is Taking Extreme Measures To Keep The Gavin & Stacey Script Under Wraps

21 June 2024 @ 2:00 pm

James CordenJames CordenGavin & Stacey creators James Corden and Ruth Jones are apparently taking no chances when it comes to protecting the script for the much-loved sitcom’s final outing.James and Ruth finally gave fans the news they’ve been waiting almost five years for back in May, when they announced that Gavin & Stacey would return to our screens this Christmas for a

Natalie Portman Reveals How She Really Feels About Those Star Wars Prequels

21 June 2024 @ 1:25 pm

L'actrice américaine Natalie Portman, égérie du parfum Christian Dior lors de l'inauguration de l'exposition "Miss Dior Exhibition, Stories of a Miss" à Tokyo le 12 juin 2024. (Photo by YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)Natalie Portman has insisted she feels “blessed” to have been part of the Star Wars franchise.The Oscar winner appeared as Padmé Amidala in the three prequel films in what’s come to be known as the “Skywalker saga”, beginni

I Just Learned What The Code In The Matrix Was, And I’m Stunned

21 June 2024 @ 1:24 pm

The Matrix’s iconic title sequences are made up of falling “digital rain”, which, upon closer inspection, was actually thousands of lines of binary code.Until now, I always assumed this code must have represented lines from the film’s script, long strings of complex multiplication or, indeed, nothing more than random number sequences.However, it turns out that they’re actually not random in the slightest, but are made up of something I could never have predicted.Production designer Simon Whiteley, who was the creator of this code, spoke to

20 Of The Funniest Tweets About Married Life (June 11-17)

21 June 2024 @ 12:08 pm

Marriage is full of highs, lows and a whole bunch of ordinary moments in between. Somehow the married people on X, formerly known as Twitter, continue to find humour in the minutiae of wedded life.Every week, we round up the funniest marriage tweets on the platform. Read on for 20 relatable ones that will have you laughing in agreement.

6 Things You Should Never Say To Someone You’re Dining With — And Why

21 June 2024 @ 12:05 pm

Experts say when it doubt, it’s best to avoid commenting on what others eat.Experts say when it doubt, it’s best to avoid commenting on what others eat.“You just always have to be healthy.”  A former co-worker used to snarkily say this to me at every group work meal whenever I ordered a salad or something else vegetarian, which I was at the time. She always said it in a way that suggested she perceived what was on my plate as an insult to whatever she ate. It wasn’t, of course. Her constant comments about what I ate usually led o

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A blog of all things from pop culture to developer snippets. Similar to huffingtonpost and wordpress amongst others.

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A mindful blog for mindful people.

Embrace Your Body: Self-Love and Acceptance with Uneven Breasts

21 June 2024 @ 4:23 pm

Our bodies are a tapestry of experiences, a unique story woven with genetics, life choices, and the marks of time. One aspect of this story that can sometimes bring up insecurities is the beautiful yet natural asymmetry found in many women’s breasts. Whether it’s a slight difference in size or a more noticeable variation, uneven… The post Embrace Your Body: Self-Love and Acceptance with Uneven Breasts appeared first on The Plaid Zebra.

Demystifying Bail Bonds: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the Process

31 May 2024 @ 3:21 pm

When a loved one is arrested, one of the immediate concerns is often how to secure their release from custody. In such situations, bail bonds can play a crucial role. Understanding what bail bonds entail, how they work, and the options available can alleviate stress and expedite the release process. In this guide, we’ll explore… The post Demystifying Bail Bonds: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the Process appeared first on The Plaid Zebra.

How Local Pallet Companies Streamline Operation

16 April 2024 @ 6:14 pm

Are you looking to make your logistics operations more efficient by collaborating with local pallet companies? Whether you’re seeking pallet management insights or considering partnering with a nearby supplier, this article serves as your complete guide. You will learn about the important role of pallets in transportation and warehousing, as well as the benefits of… The post How Local Pallet Companies Streamline Operation appeared first on The Plaid Zebra.

3 Dynamic Strategies to Engage Students in the Classroom

26 March 2024 @ 12:10 am

Fostering student engagement is paramount to creating a vibrant and effective learning environment in today’s educational landscape. As educators, we constantly seek innovative strategies to captivate students’ attention, inspire curiosity, and promote active participation.  In this article, we’ll explore three approaches to engage students in the classroom, each offering unique opportunities for learning and growth.… The post 3 Dynamic Strategies to Engage Students in the Classroom appeared first on The Plaid Zebra.

The 5 Best Ableton Masterclasses [2024]

6 February 2024 @ 5:18 pm

As music production techniques have advanced, software programs like Ableton Live have grown in popularity among musicians and producers. Ableton Live is known for its user-friendly interface and powerful features; however, mastering the software can still be challenging. To assist producers at every level, Ableton Masterclasses have been created. These courses aim to improve skills… The post The 5 Best Ableton Masterclasses [2024] appeared first on The Plaid Zebra.

The Importance of IGCSE Academic Tutoring

27 January 2024 @ 6:30 pm

For students navigating the demanding landscape of IGCSE examinations, academic success often hinges on effective preparation and support. With rigorous coursework and high stakes assessments, the need for expert guidance becomes paramount. Likewise, for parents seeking to provide the best opportunities for their children, securing quality tutoring support can make all the difference. Here, we… The post The Importance of IGCSE Academic Tutoring appeared first on The Plaid Zebra.

What Is Reformer Pilates? (Everything You Need To Know)

25 January 2024 @ 8:33 pm

Reformer Pilates, an innovative form of exercise, has transformed the fitness landscape. It elevates traditional Pilates principles through a unique machine-based approach, offering a more dynamic and comprehensive workout. But what is reformer pilates, & why has it become so popular in recent years? This article will explore the essence of Reformer Pilates, detailing its… The post What Is Reformer Pilates? (Everything You Need To Know) appeared first on The Plaid Zebra.

What Is The Difference Between Honors And AP Classes?

17 January 2024 @ 1:47 pm

Students often face the choice between Honors and AP courses. In this guide, we’ll explore the differences between these two paths, from curriculum to their impact on college admissions. Let’s ensure you’re on track to achieve your academic goals. Key Takeaways Honors courses offer a more challenging curriculum than standard courses and are open to… The post What Is The Difference Between Honors And AP Classes? appeared first on The Plaid Zebra.

A Glimpse into Everyday Life in Essex County, Ontario

5 January 2024 @ 4:23 pm

Essex County, located in the southwestern part of Ontario, Canada, is not only known for its diverse landscapes and thriving real estate market but also for the vibrant everyday life that its residents experience. From the bustling urban centers to the tranquil rural communities, Essex County offers a unique blend of opportunities and experiences that… The post A Glimpse into Everyday Life in Essex County, Ontario appeared first on The Plaid Zebra.

The Art and Science of Hair Removal

2 January 2024 @ 2:58 pm

Hair removal has been a part of human grooming practices for centuries, with various methods evolving over time. From ancient civilizations to modern societies, the desire for smooth, hair-free skin transcends cultural and historical boundaries. In this article, we will explore the different methods of hair removal, their advantages, disadvantages, and the science behind each… The post The Art and Science of Hair Removal appeared first on The Plaid Zebra.

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Essays and articles with a eclectic edge.

The 175 Best Articles from the Atlantic

10 June 2024 @ 7:42 pm

The 175 Best Articles from the AtlanticWe’ve updated our list of the best journalism and essays from the Atlantic. It now includes more than 175 must-read pieces of journalism.

The 75 Best Articles from the Guardian

2 May 2024 @ 7:13 pm

The 75 Best Articles from the GuardianClick through for a huge collection of great articles from the UKs leading newspaper.

5 Great Essays about Privilege

19 April 2024 @ 10:29 am

5 Great Essays about PrivilegeWhy Does It Feel Like Everyone Has More Money Than You? by Jen Doll - Financial help from parents comes in many forms, and it’s the basis of so many success stories. So why do millennials act like it doesn’t exist?The Radical Moral Implications of Luck in Human Life by David Roberts - Acknowledging the role of luck is the sec

50 Great Essays by Black Writers

17 March 2024 @ 7:53 pm

50 Great Essays by Black WritersWe’ve had several requests for a list of the best writing by black authors to read online, and we finally got around to putting one together. Click through for a huge collection of great reads, including classic essays from James Baldwin, Toni Morrison, Zadie Smith, Roxan

30 Great Articles and Essays about Gender and Sexuality

27 February 2024 @ 1:48 pm

30 Great Articles and Essays about Gender and SexualityClick through for 30 great pieces of writing about homosexuality, trans and nonbinary gender, and more…

10 Great Articles and Essays about Artificial Intelligence

8 February 2024 @ 8:36 pm

10 Great Articles and Essays about Artificial IntelligenceOver the last few years, AI has gone from an academic discipline to a real-world product used by millions of people. That transformation raises all kinds of questions about the technology and its impact on our lives. Click through for 10 of the best articles and essays about AI that examine this crucial subject from all kinds of fascinating perspectives.

The 100 Best Articles and Essays of 2023

22 January 2024 @ 8:42 pm

The 100 Best Articles and Essays of 2023Click here for our roundup of the net’s best nonfiction from 2023

20 Great Articles by Philip Ball

4 December 2023 @ 4:44 pm

20 Great Articles by Philip BallHe’s one of the best science writers around – he seems to be interested in everything and has an amazing ability to make any subject fascinating. Click through for 20 of Philip Ball’s best articles from around the net.

5 Great Articles about Cybercrime

30 October 2023 @ 11:40 am

5 Great Articles about CybercrimeThe Untold Story of Silk Road by Joshuah BearmanThe postman only rang once. Curtis Green was at home, greeting the morning with 64 ounces of Coca-Cola and powdered mini doughnuts…The Crypto Trap by Andy GreenbergInside the Bitcoin bust that took down the web’s biggest child abuse site…

5 Great Essays about the Psychology of Love

24 October 2023 @ 7:19 pm

5 Great Essays about the Psychology of LoveThe Science of Love by Barbara Fredrickson - We each carry an intricate machinery of love, calibrating and attuning our moods and bodies to one anotherThe Rejection Lab by Alison Kinney - What can researching human responses to rejection tell us about ourselves?

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Business, innovation and technology blogging sphere.

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Host your own radio show, recorded rants and discussion

Get the Most Out of Your Show With Great SEO

20 June 2018 @ 9:28 am

Win New Audiences With Good SEO Strategies There are some small but very important things you can do to help boost listens to your broadcast. The combination of a relevant, catchy show name, great episode titles, and the use of keywords which give good results will work together to improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) […]

Get yourself on Amazon Devices

9 May 2018 @ 1:28 pm

Learn how Tunein and Alexa can bring your show into homes. Listening to your broadcast has become even easier. You can now submit your radio show to Tunein which will make your show available on Amazon Alexa devices. Amazon Alexa devices are wireless, voice-activated “smart speakers”, they have a personal assistant voice service named “Alexa” […]

Your Guest Can Be Your Megaphone

5 April 2018 @ 11:46 am

Learn how to have a clear plan for each guest to help grow your audience. Be a Top Notch Broadcaster Being a radio broadcaster opens many doors, interviewing celebrities and other A-listers give you the opportunity to meet some pretty amazing people. For example you could interview one of Hollywood’s top stars one day and […]

How To Avoid Splitting Feeds and Losing Stats (& Money!)

17 January 2018 @ 4:07 pm

There are many different destinations that audiences can listen to your podcast. As a podcaster, you want to make sure your podcast is available everywhere your audience is. The key is that one distribution point (your podcast host) is responsible for spreading your podcast across the internet via your RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed. Your […]

The Power of Conversation in Broadcasting

14 December 2017 @ 10:23 am

Having a conversation is something we do all the time, a part of everyday life. However, the power of the humble conversation as a marketing tool is being re-evaluated by marketers around the world as they are starting to see what an integral part of a communications strategy it can be – especially when it […]

5 Ways to Boost Your Audience

29 November 2017 @ 4:01 pm

It’s undeniable. Everyone who is putting themselves out there and broadcasting on a regular basis is keen to grow their audience. However, the art of gaining new listeners is not an easy one and is something which takes time and practice. How you go about drawing in those followers completely depends on what you’re talking […]

How To Create The Perfect Radio Interview

22 November 2017 @ 5:46 pm

  The interview format is here to stay. Whether it’s a talk show, magazine profile or radio broadcast they attract listeners and viewers alike. Why? Huffington Post believes ‘we’ll always be drawn to Q&As about other people’s lives’ and Cultured Vultures confirms this ‘there is something to be said for being offered an insight into […]

BlogTalkRadio Has “Coffee With Kenobi”

10 November 2017 @ 3:29 pm

The Coffee With Kenobi podcasting network will be joining BlogTalkRadio. They will bring over four years worth of shows to the platform to take advantage of BlogTalkRadio’s unique monetization offerings. Coffee With Kenobi Host and Co-creator, Dan Z says, “We are thrilled to bring members of our Coffee With Kenobi family network to BlogTalkRadio. If you […]

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The Pokes are the first and only awards celebrating British comic talent on the internet.