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Challenging the MSM distraction from the truth.

The FBI’s Dark Secret: Did J. Edgar Hoover Order the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr?

19 January 2022 @ 4:07 pm

CovertAction | It's been well over half a century since the assassination took place, and the US government is still afraid to revisit what may be one of the greatest false flags of all time.

US Airlines: ‘Dangerous 5G Rollout Will Grind Commerce to a Halt’

19 January 2022 @ 1:42 pm

21WIRE | Airline executives warn that the rollout could trigger an aviation crisis the likes of which the country has never seen.

France Sports Minister Seeks to Ban Djokovic from Competing in French Open

19 January 2022 @ 10:48 am

21WIRE | French officials are threatening to ban the world's top player from their grand slam tournament.

John McEnroe Slams Australia Over Djokovic Deportation: ‘It’s Total Bull****’

19 January 2022 @ 10:23 am

Metro | ‘It’s an absolute joke what’s gone on the last 12 days. It’s sad the way it ended.'

Ivy League Parents Fight Back Against College Vaccine Booster Mandates

19 January 2022 @ 12:27 am

21WIRE | Ivy League parents stand-up to authoritarian colleges seeking to impose the experimental vaccine booster shot on students.

Canada Sends Special Forces to Ukraine to Stoke Tension with Russia

18 January 2022 @ 11:56 pm

Global News | Canada joins in on the provocations against Russia, as NATO looks more likely to initiate a conflict now.

Henningsen: ‘NATO is Playing With Fire in Ukraine’

18 January 2022 @ 11:40 pm

21WIRE | NATO's leading member states need a massive distraction to soften the inevitable blowback from a two-year pandemic odyssey. 

UK Government to Phase Out BBC TV License Extortion Racket by 2027

17 January 2022 @ 5:27 pm

21WIRE | Despite this latest move, their viewing figures will continue to plummet towards irrelevance. 

Tom Duggan, Independent War Correspondent in Syria, Dies at 68

17 January 2022 @ 1:57 pm

Middle East Discourse | Independent correspondent who delivered raw and honest reportage at a time when Western mainstream media were busy pushing a regime change and pro-al Qaeda narrative.

SUNDAY SCREENING: The Mysterious Life of George Soros (2021)

16 January 2022 @ 2:20 pm

SUNDAY SCREENING | Our weekly documentary film curated by the editorial team at 21WIRE.