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UNESCO Names Dutch Water Defence Lines a World Heritage Site

27 July 2021 @ 3:11 pm

UNESCO has announced that they've named the Dutch Water Defence Lines a World Heritage Site. Also referred to as the Dutch Water Lines, it's a comprehensive network of dikes, sluices, waterworks and fortresses developed in the 17th Century as a clever solution to dealing with foreign invaders. Essentially, the Dutch created the infrastructure to flood the surrounding areas on demand, making it difficult for enemy troops to reach their targets.

Porsche Designers Answer the Question: What Would a Porsche Minivan Look Like?

27 July 2021 @ 2:06 pm

Porsche's designers routinely "ask themselves what a Porsche could be—and what it could not be," says the company. "This process provides answers to questions that no one has asked before."One question few have probably asked is: What would a Porsche minivan look like? Well, they answered:

A Contraption for Keeping Workers Cool in Un-Air-Conditionable Environments

26 July 2021 @ 3:30 pm

Lately the heat on the farm has been brutal, going into the 100s (38 Celsius). Yesterday I had to push a broken 870-pound machine across just 25 feet of grass and I thought I might suffer a heat stroke.I know there's no such thing as outdoor air conditioning, but I was curious how employers keep manual laborers cool in extreme heat. The closest thing I could find is this Power Breezer Misting Fan, designed for workers on loading docks or in warehouses too large to conventionally cool.

An Underground Classic Car Rotunda, With Oculus

26 July 2021 @ 2:33 pm

European architecture firm UNISM was hired to design a supergarage for classic Aston Martins, to be housed in a residential area in Warsaw. It seems that the available property space was inversely proportional to the client's budget. That fact, combined with the 007 legacy of the brand, led to the decision to site the garage underground.

Mercedes Says They're All-In on Going All-Electric

26 July 2021 @ 1:33 pm

With the following three points, Mercedes is the latest car manufacturer to make some stunning claims of their commitment to electric powertrains:- All newly launched architectures will be electric-only from 2025 onwards.- In 2025 Mercedes-Benz will launch three electric-only architectures.- Mercedes-Benz will be ready to go all electric at the end of the decade, where market conditions allow.

This Self-Supporting 3D-Printed Concrete Bridge Uses Less Material

26 July 2021 @ 1:04 pm

Swiss public research university ETH Zürich has teamed up with Zaha Hadid Architects to create a new type of bridge that uses less material and enables new types of forms. By 3D printing concrete at specific angles, the collaborative team was able to produce blocks with layers "orthogonal to the flow of compressive forces," allowing them to design differently-shaped blocks for different portions of the bridge.On-site these blocks are fitted together in the manner

Probably the Best Design for a Ceiling Fan

23 July 2021 @ 2:46 pm

You might have seen this cutesy ceiling decal……or this ceiling fan……but whomever came up with this has got 'em all beat:Via the entertaining Awful Taste But Great Execution subreddit.

A Positive Review of Tesla's Yoke Steering Wheel: "Way Easier to Turn"

23 July 2021 @ 2:09 pm

I'm one of the armchair critics who thinks the yoke-style steering wheel offered on the Tesla Model S is a terrible idea. But I don't own a Tesla, and have never tried the yoke. Model S owner Deji Akingbade loves the new steering wheel, and demonstrates why in this review:I don't know about "easier," but I can see how it's maybe more fun or pleasurable to use while leisurely cruising around in a low-traffic environment. But how does it work out in an emergency situation? Let's say you're about to hit something with no time to fully brake; in my rural case, say a deer suddenly steps into the road and I have to swerve left to avoid it, then right to get out of the oncoming-traffic lane. Is the wheel as easy to grab and control at a second's notice?

Design Trivia: The Meaning Behind the Olympics Symbol and Its Colors

23 July 2021 @ 1:30 pm

Here's some trivia you can throw around at a bar, whenever we get back to those:- The Olympics contests used to include art competitions! The categories were Architecture, Literature, Music, Painting and Sculpture. These ran from 1912 to 1954, when they were discontinued because Olympic competitors were supposed to be amateurs, and artistic competitors were considered professionals in their fields.Pierre de Coubertin. Image: Dutch National Archives - CC BY-SA 3.0 nl - Pierre de Coubertin (a/k/a Bar

The Recent Evolution of Olympic Podium Designs

23 July 2021 @ 12:49 pm

Due to COVID, Olympic medalists in Tokyo will have to put their medals on themselves. That's a first. Another is that the podium they'll be standing on is 3D printed, and made from recycled plastic gathered by the Japanese public, including plastic waste fished out of the ocean.The podium, designed by architect, artist and designer Asao Tokolo, does indeed appear different.