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Bootstrap 5.3.3

20 February 2024 @ 3:22 pm

Bootstrap v5.3.3 is here with bug fixes, documentation improvements, and more follow-up enhancements for color modes. Keep reading for the highlights! Highlights Fixed a breaking change introduced with color modes where it was required to manually import variables-dark.scss when building Bootstrap with Sass. Now, _variables.scss will automatically import _variables-dark.scss. If you were already importing _variables-dark.scss manually, you should keep doing it as it won’t break anything and will be the way to go in v6.

Bootstrap 5.3.2

14 September 2023 @ 2:30 pm

Bootstrap v5.3.2 is here with bug fixes, documentation improvements, and more follow-up enhancements for color modes. Keep reading for the highlights! Highlights Passing a percentage unit to the global abs() is deprecated since Dart Sass v1.65.0. It resulted in a deprecation warning when compiling Bootstrap with Dart Sass. This has been fixed internally by changing the values passed to the divide() function. The divide() function has not been fixed itself so that we can keep supporting node-sass cross-compatibility.

Bootstrap Icons v1.11.0

12 September 2023 @ 12:01 am

Bootstrap Icons v1.11.0 has arrived with 100 new icons—including new floppy disk icons, additional brand icons, new person icons, new emojis, some birthday cake, a few new science icons, and more. We’re now at over 2,000 icons! 100 new icons Here’s a quick look at all the new icons in v1.11.0: Check out the pull request for all the details on which icons were added and which were updated. I’ve also started adding a new added tag to icon pages with this release.

Bootstrap 5.3.1

26 July 2023 @ 8:05 am

Bootstrap v5.3.1 is here with bug fixes, documentation improvements, and more follow-up enhancements for color modes. Keep reading for the highlights! Color modes: Increased color contrast for dark mode by replacing $gray-500 with $gray-300 for the body color Added our color mode switcher JavaScript to our examples ZIP download Components: Improved disabled styling for all .nav-links, providing .disabled and :disabled for use with anchors and buttons Add support for Home and End keys for navigating tabs by keyboard Added some basic styling to toggle buttons when no modifier class is present Fixed carousel colors in dark mode Forms: Fixed floating label disabled text color Utilities: .

Bootstrap 5.3.0

30 May 2023 @ 7:35 am

It’s official, the final stable release of v5.3.0 has landed! It’s been a monumental effort to revamp our codebase for CSS variables and color modes, one that will see continued changes leading up to an eventual Bootstrap 6. And we’re so excited to finally ship it! On top of all the work that’s gone into this release, a lot has happened behind the scenes since we shipped our pre-releases. Keep reading to learn everything that’s new in v5.

Bootstrap 5.3.0-alpha3

3 April 2023 @ 7:35 am

Hot on the heels of our second alpha, we’re releasing a third (and unexpected) alpha for v5.3.0 today with some fixes for some Node Sass compilation errors. In addition, we’ve added a handful of other updates. We’re still on target to ship our stable release soon! Once again, if you’re new to the v5.3.0 alpha releases, please read through the Migration guide for the first alpha and last month’s second alpha.

Bootstrap 5.3.0-alpha2

24 March 2023 @ 2:40 pm

Our second alpha release of v5.3.0 has landed with a ton of enhancements and bug fixes for our new color modes! There’s still more to come, but we’ve held off shipping until we ironed out enough issues. Huzzah, we have! This v5.3.0 release is a monumental update for Bootstrap 5. It’s big enough that it could’ve been a v6 on its own, but we wanted to do right by the community and get color modes out the door without the massive major release upgrade.

Bootstrap 5.3.0-alpha1

24 December 2022 @ 8:00 am

It’s a Christmas miracle—Bootstrap v5.3.0-alpha1 has arrived just in time for the holiday break! This release brings new color mode support, an expanded color palette with variables and utilities, and more. We’re keeping things short and simple in this blog post with deeper dives into the new color modes and more coming in future posts. For now, we want you to enjoy the holiday break and come back next year feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Bootstrap 5.2.3

22 November 2022 @ 8:00 am

We’ve deviated from developing v5.3.0 to ship a new patch release, Bootstrap v5.2.3, with a handful of more urgent bug fixes. Highlights Added the missing :root CSS variables to our utilities bundle Fixed the deprecation warning with Sass 1.56.0 Fixed the RTL translate() direction for carousels Fixed tooltip and popover disposal inconsistencies We’re heading right back to it with v5.3.0 with support for color modes, new utilities, and more. Look for a pre-release of that soon.

Bootstrap Icons v1.10.0

11 November 2022 @ 12:01 am

Bootstrap Icons v1.10.0 is here with nearly 150 new icons. This release includes tons of new variants for person, building, and database icons, plus new brands, rockets, road signs, globes, and many more. We’re now at over 1,900 icons! 150 new icons Here’s a quick look at all the new icons in v1.10.0: Some highlights for the new icons include: 22 new person icons 26 new house icons 24 new building icons, including a renamed building to buildings 22 new database icons 24 new street sign icons New globe icons New EV, taxi, bus, and scooter transportation icons New rockets and more!